Introducing the Tally Newsletter

The cryptocurrency space holds up decentralization as a key guiding principle. But as projects distribute voting power to the community, responsibilities faced by stakeholders continue to grow. The constant flow of proposals and changes happening on a weekly basis can make it tough to keep up!

While a number of great publications cover the crypto and decentralized finance ecosystems in general, few focus specifically on decentralized governance. Lack of easily accessible information hinders engagement, ultimately making these systems less representative and more centralized. Voters, token holders, and the wider community could all benefit from concise updates on the latest news in protocol politics.

The Tally Newsletter covers the most important developments in decentralized governance. From improved infrastructure to active proposals and changes in voting power, we’ll strive to keep readers informed so they can participate with confidence.

Readers can expect:

  • Roundups of proposals, governance changes, and future developments

  • Occasional op-eds from protocol politicians and contributors to discuss key votes and theoretical issues in decentralized governance

We look forward to continuing on the journey of progressive decentralization together with you, our readers.


Dennison Bertram, Rafael Solari, and Nate Parton

The Tally Team

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